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Instructions on 4 things all coaches need to turn in to Nelson at Park

Also there are 3 items listed below that all Coaches will need to complete prior to Coaching this season at Lynnhurst.

We are hosting our Coaches meeting on  April 29th, 2021 at  6:15PM online.  Please contact Nelson Evenrud at 612 370-4849 if you would like to participate.  We’d like to have all of these documents turned in before that call so that we can have you schedule your practices, and pick up your equipment after that time.


  1.  Agree to our Coaches Code of Ethicsthe link to the Code of Ethics is on Team Sideline: (needed once per year)
  2.  Complete Concussion Awareness Training html  (online, once every three years).  Print or Email a copy of certificate to Recreation Center Director (Nelson, me).
  3. Fill out and return background check PDF form- below.
    You can scan and send or mail in to me ASAP. Please renew annually through MPRB if you have one in from this year, you are covered.

Thanks again for your willingness to dedicate your time and energy to Coaching, and I hope you have a great season. Contact me with any questions, and appreciate your time getting these action items done.


Nelson Evenrud

Park Director

Lynnhurst Recreation Center

1345 W. Minnehaha Pkwy. Mpls. MN. 55419

612 370-4849 Office/ 612 370-4912 Front Desk





Application for Youth Play Up Waiver

Parents or guardians who believe their child should participate in an older division may request consideration for such a change by contacting their CSA Lead for information and proper age waiver forms.

Limit: One Division Up Waivers only!! Example - A child who falls in the 10U age division could request an Up Waiver to play in the 12U division (if there is no 11U division).


A child must be 8 yrs. old by Sept. 1st of current school year to waive up to the beginning competitive MPRB league division.  Exception:  No "Up Waivers" for 8 yr. olds in football; players must be 9 years by Sept. 1st of the current school year to play on'a tackle MPRB football team. No "Up Waivers" for the youth track & field program.



The primary criteria for allowing a player to move up an age division is:  adequate physical size/maturity and sport skills at the older division level. The intent is to consider waiving the child who is able to function well physically and has the maturity to participate with children chronologically older. Up waivers are to be limited to the exception rather than the norm. For participation in football, the child cannot be below the 25th percentile for the youth's current age as per physical growth chart from the National Center for Health Statistics.


General Instructions

Parent or guardian should read criteria and state your reasons in writing for requesting an age waiver for your child. In addition,parent/guardian must submit a completed growth chart with the request. Parent/guardian request and documentation will be considered sufficient unless MPRB staff asks for additional information to make a decision.

Upon completion of request for an age waiver, submit the information to the Recreation Specialist at the neighborhood recreation center where you wish to play. The age waiver request will be reviewed and submitted to Service Area Manager no later than last day for new player additions as listed per sports bulletin. Applicant may not participate in game or practice until after waiver is approved. A decision on approval or non-approval will be made as soon as possible.


Please complete accurately all information on the application and submit to your Recreation Specialist for consideration of the application.

Click below for the Application and Weight/Height Graphs